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Over there

18.11.2014 (12:51 am) – Filed under: Art

I don’t really use this site anymore! If you are for some reason still checking this site and are wondering where all the things are at, I’m still drawing every day and I post them in big chunks every few weeks or so here:


Here’s a random sample of what you’ve been missing:

2014 05May 26 Day 6862014 07July 16 Day 736 B2014 10Oct 27 Day 8402014 09Sept 19 Day 8022014 09Sept 11 Day 7942014 09Sept 13 Day 7962014 10Oct 31 Day 8442014 08Aug 6 Day 7582014 07July 7 Day 7282014 07July 9 Day 7302014 10Oct 26 Day 839 B2014 07July 29 Day 750

So if you ARE still checking this site for some reason, let me know! You can just leave a comment on whatever google plus page in my profile.

Beep boop, I’m a dinosaur.

2 Responses to “Over there”

  1. Big Daddy Mike Says:

    I still check this site out.. needs an update stat!

    mind if i share with Don herz..d? hes on reddit doing an ama right now!

  2. Ben Says:

    You can just check out stuff over here https://plus.google.com/+BenjaminDaws/posts

    Also, that would be fine, too late now though!

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